Hong Kong Young Artists Academy

Welcome ! This is HKYAA ! 



Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA) offers students a unique and memorable educational experience. Founded in 2005, HKYAA has served hundreds of schools in Hong Kong and China. Our mission is to ignite a joy of learning in all our students through immersive English exposure. We have received local and international praise for our innovative, creative and individualized approach.

We are committed to providing a creative and stimulating educational environment in which our students feel safe, happy and at home. Our mission is to engage, enthuse, inspire and challenge students’ linguistic, intellectual, social, cultural and creative development. Our goal is to develop internationally minded students who act to make a difference in the world. Our emphasis is on joyful learning, inspiring curious minds and a highly effective individualized approach to creative and linguistic learning. We work hard to develop good parent-teacher relationships, and to provide a warm, caring, creative and supportive environment for our students to learn.

A vibrant and enthusiastic language learning community working together to develop internationally minded, creative and confident students who act to create a more intercultural, fairer and better world.



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