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    An exciting summer activity - Summer English Camp on Campus  - can be organized in your school! 
    Students just go to school to enjoy an excellent summer holiday.
    All the lessons and activities will be conducted by experienced Native English Teacher. 


   Students will spend their holiday in an English environment and widen their opportunity to deal with English Speakers.  
   Most importantly, it is FUN!!!!!

   A standard camp will be 3 times in a week, and 3 hours in a day. 
   A camp-end variety show will be organized at the last day, parents and friends are invited to join.


  A sample of a 3 hour program- Drama Focus:





9:00-10:00 am /2:00-3:00 pm

10:00-11:00 am / 3:00-4:00 pm


Story time

Musical movement and nursery rhyme


Cat walk

Musical movement and nursery rhyme


Arts and crafts

Musical movement and nursery rhyme


Kids Aerobic

Musical movement and nursery rhyme


Art and crafts

Musical movement and nursery rhyme


Story time

Act and play


Creative cooking

Act and play


Table manner

Act and play


Act and play

Performance movement


Practise hour

Show time



Included: 1NET, 1 Assistant

Other selections:

Public Speaking, Presentation skills, Performance Art, Staging, Radio Broadcasting, etc


HKYAA will:

Drafts notice to students

Prepares teaching and learning materials– lesson plan, worksheet, story book, music, food ingredients, art and craft material etc Provides each participant an attendance certificate


School only provides:

Venue/Classroom and related facility

Hall and stage facility




If you need more information, please contact 29048113 for further coordination.















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