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Joanne Asker (England)
​HKYAA was always there for me if I wanted advice at any stage of the contract and it was nice to have that support. For anyone who is considering working with HKYAA it is not a difficult decision-they are there to help at every stage of your employment. My name is Joanne Asker and I have had the good fortune to be associated with HKYAA in a work capacity at the wonderful school of Good Hope in Choi Hung, Kowloon. Prior to this I had my own business in New York but moved to Hong Kong and took the ESL course before I left. With my experience in various types of acting and working with children, HKYAA recommended me for the teaching position in the well-respected all-girl school, Good Hope and assisted me at the interview. In addition, I was invited to various events that were held by HKYAA as if I were part of a big, warm family!

Alexia (New Zealand)
HKYAA is a great organization to work for. The team are really helpful with the teaching aspect of the job (lesson plans, materials, etc), but are also really supportive with the cultural and personal aspects which I found especially helpful being a foreign teacher in HK. The visa application process was easy with Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA) and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them as an education organization to work for.

Monty (USA)
As Ron Pearson might say, "I make a difference...". As a teacher that is exactly what we do, we make a difference. According to Mr. Pearson, as teachers we "make children work harder than they ever felt they could, we make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor, and we can make an A- feel like a slap in the face...". We as teachers do Make A Difference! I must say my time with Hong Kong Young Artists Academy has given me the opportunity to witness all of the above, it has certainly been an epxerience of a lifetime.

​Tanya (Canada)
The employees at HKYAA were very helpful throughout my term of employment with them. They did their best to ensure that I was placed with a school that suited me and my terms and continued to ensure that I was satisfied throughout my employment at the school. They were also very helpful in arranging my visa and were very prompt and helpful in answering any of my requests and concerns. Based on my experience, I can say that Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA) is a very dependable and honest company and I would not hesitate in recommending their services.

​Christopher Osman (USA)
​It was great working for Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA). The staff are very professional and very friendly. It was a great experience and I'll definitely miss it.

Barbara Tavernard Thompson (UK)
I have lived in Hong Kong for 9 years and I have worked with many different agents this year I had a pleasure to work HKYAA . Cora is with no doubt one the best agents in Hong Kong to work with. I did not feel uncomfortable in any time while work with her. Different then other places Cora knows you and treats you with respect. She is a very honesty and transparent send you the pay slip and always pays you on time. I have only praises to give to Cora and HKYAA.

Scott Brady (USA)
Hong Kong Young Artists Academy (HKYAA) is a good company to work with. The staff is very friendly and helpful. HKYAA found me a full-time teaching position very efficiently without any hassles. Throughout the teaching school year HKYAA offered me extra teaching work on Saturdays​. Overall I really enjoyed working with HKYAA.

Alicia Sanchez (Spain)
It was nice to have worked with Cora. She has offered me a placement for a year to teach English in a kindergarten.
She provided me with all of the necessary things I needed to teach, like some materials, or some lesson plans. Also my visa application was quick and successful by giving me all the correct documents so I had no problems at all at immigration.
​Communication with Cora and HKYAA was effective and very quick. They solved all my questions and doubts.
​Definitely, I would recommend working with Cora and HKYAA without any doubt. Very good experience.

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