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  • Mission

    Our mission is to ignite a joy of learning in all our students through immersive English exposure. We intend to engage, enthuse, inspire and challenge students’ linguistic, intellectual, social, cultural and creative development.

  • Vision

    Our goal is to develop internationally minded students who act to make a difference in the world. A vibrant and enthusiastic language learning community working together to develop internationally minded, creative and confident students who act to create a more intercultural, fairer and better world.

  • Core Values

    - Individualized approach

    - Joyful learning

    - Caring, creative and supportive environment


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hope all your questions can be answered here.

Is it easy to get a working visa for this job in Hong Kong?

You will need an employer to be your sponsor. The school must justify hiring a foreign national over a local resident by demonstrating that you possess special skills, knowledge, or experience of value.

What is the normal wage for this job?

It depends on your experience.

Is it hard for a foreign teacher to find a place to stay in Hong Kong?

Foreign teachers should be prepared for high rental costs. Depending on the school's location and the type of accommodation desired, rent can consume a significant portion of a teacher's salary. Some teachers opt to live further from the city center or share an apartment with others to reduce costs.

What is the typical class size?

Class sizes can vary, but public schools typically have around 30-40 students per class, while international schools might have smaller classes, usually 20-25 students.

What are the expectations for student assessment?

Expectations can include regular testing, project-based assessments, and formal examinations. Schools often have a set assessment policy.

What are the typical working hours and school calendar?

Teachers can expect a 5-day workweek, with hours varying by school. The school year typically runs from late August/early September to June/July.

Administrative Team

We have a vibrant team to help you succeed.

Cora Jue

Project Manager

Lithianaj Sadiosa

Project Coordinator


Our clients are some of the major schools and education institutions in Hong Kong.


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